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About us

Who we are?ը is the platform created by GLOBAL USA inc.GLOBALUSA Inc. The corporation is a group of licensed companies, which does Air freight (Patent: 024890N), Sea freight (Patent: WE1206006), and land freight (Patent: MC782794-B), Advising on international financial transactions, import and export services, and finally it’s DHL, USPS representative in the USA.’s Armenian partner is “American Global Group” which is the official representative of Global USA Inc. in Armenia. "America Global Group" is registered in the Republic of Armenia as a courier-postal company, license PK 036, which allows to receive imported goods, perform documentation, customs clearance and delivery.

What kind of serives do we offer?

Ship2Arm offers those services:

• Parcel/Package delivery from USA to Armenia and from Armenia to USA by air and sea

• Purchases from online stores, which will be transported to Armenia in 5-7 days by air, or in 2-3 months by container freight;

• Purchases of cars from international online auctions, car showrooms, dealers;

• Transportation of cars to Armenia